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The Essence Behind the Gift of a Flower Subscription: a Woman’s Favorite Gift

The Essence Behind the Gift of a Flower Subscription: a Woman’s Favorite Gift

By Christianne Christensen

Photo Credits: Carolina Ragiolli

Flowers — the perfect gift idea for the goddess inside every woman. The more important question becomes, which flowers do they love to receive? Which flowers should you deliver to her doorstep as a sign of love, gratitude, passion, genuine congratulations, or empathy? Flower gifts say that you are there in spirit and that your sentiments are good willed.

Offering flowers becomes a gift of beauty and health. Women hence intrinsically and universally love them. To the receiver, your gift means you care and even its symbolism through time has evoked happiness. A gift of flowers helps us communicate human emotion and embodies constructive human interactions.

Flowers, expressions of nature herself, carry an ethereal appeal that speaks to our spiritual side. Through flowers, we tap into the most beautiful connection—our connection to nature, to poetry, and to all things gratitude.

We have come to ask ourselves, what can be better than a flower gift? The gift of a flower subscription. Several reasons make this statement true and we explore the essence behind some of them below.


A fresh flowers subscription service signifies a hand-made gift enticing craftsmanship, courtship, and high-energy empathy. You are letting her know that you are there for the long-term. Continuity expresses commitment, loyalty, and elegance. Imagine telling her, every month, I am here.

Flower subscription services also provide a sustainable form of supporting small businesses. Every time you subscribe to anything, you are in fact supporting the way of life it represents. Like white roses represent your happiness for a friend’s engagement, so can engaging with us for a hassle-free experience of monthly flowers represent an ongoing infusion of happiness in their, or one’s own, life.


The sweet smell of flowers improves our overall well being. Women universally love flowers because receiving the gift of wellness is, in fact, the best gift of all. Benefits of aromatherapy include managing pain, improving sleep quality, reducing stress, agitation, and anxiety, soothing sore joints, and improving general mood. A flower delivery subscription service that provides a wellness check every month allows you to extract the benefits above on a regular basis.


The types of flowers say something about you. Roses and lilies together, for instance, may tell the recipient that you are thoughtful, generous, and ecological. Yellow roses say you are encouraging and share their excitement towards new ventures in life. Orchids suggest you are creating memories together, such as a new home.

With flowers’ endless possibilities for expressions, subscriptions are, not surprisingly, all the rave. Add to the power of communication the fact that women love to receive fresh items delivered to their doorstep each month. She gets to decorate the various spaces in her life, such as her office, a foyer, and any location in which she would like to create a creative and inspiring environment.


The mystical aspect rooted in the feminine allure of flowers has been apparent throughout history. Flowers, and in particular flower crowns, have historically had strong symbolic meaning, such as in Agrarian societies, in which they illustrated accomplishment and status.

These powerful reasons make flowers subtle but equally powerful messages to communicate elegantly what the heart wants to convey. Gifts for women are gifts to the universe and Mother Nature. Why not encourage that unstoppable queen by gracing her with flowers? In a variety of ways, flowers continue to exist as a symbol of victory, celebration, love, romance, or femininity. Flower subscriptions keep love and romance attuned to our history as women, making them the ideal gift for all occasions.

Flowers accompanied by a clear and intuitive message display warm intentions. Don’t worry if you thought of this great emotion last minute. If you order with us by 2 p.m., your recipient will receive the flowers the same day. Last minute birthday gifts for that special woman in your life will now last a full year with a subscription.

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